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The Endless Online Walktrough

Chapter 1: The Tutorial Island

After creating your character, you will start in a small house in an island apart from the main world.. your current level is 0 and your first goal is to Level up to 1 to leave this island.

Get out of the house and find a peasant suit, there should be some laying in the grown after exploring the area a bit.. if no, stand next to a goat and press Ctrl Key to hit it, sooner or later one will drop it. Pick peasant suit up by clicking on it, then double click on it on your inventory  (where the lots of little boxes are) to equip it. You can also click on the Paperdoll button and drag items to the corresponding slots. Right clicking over a paperdoll's slot will remove the item back to your inventory. You cant wear clothes of the opposite gender, peasant suit will improve your shield a little.

You will now need a weapon, continue hitting goats, a tip is to attack them from their back as you will do more damage, at least do it for your first hit wich is always stronger. Goats drop gold and goat horns too, collect them. Once you get 25 gold or 2 goat horns, enter the house next to where you started. Meet there Cindy, click on her, shes an NPC (Non Player Character) that will sell you a dagger for 25g, or will let you craft one for 2 goat horns.

Equip your brand new dagger, killing goats will be much easier from now on. Click on the Stats button (lower left corner of the screen) you will see some information about your character like your LVL, gold, EXP, etc.. check the one that says TNL (To Next Level), every time you kill something it will decrease, once it gets to 0, you level up.

Kill some more goats until your LVL turns to 1... you will hear a sound and watch a big LVL UP message over your character; also, every time you level, you get 3 St.pts. Click on stats button again and check.. see? there they are.. now, you will also notice to the left side some blinking arrows, they are next to Str., Int., Wis., Agi., Con. and Cha., the idea is that you can locate the St.pts into any of them... locate them all in Str!.. this will make you a little stronger. If you level again continue adding all points to Str.

Now go find a ship on the island, its to the upper right corner of it. You will be then in Main Land.


Chapter 2: Getting Started

You will see some sheeps when you arrive, you could probably kill one or two until you realize your too weak.. they are making you a lot of damage... ok, its time to improve your strength by getting some rings. See the hearts at the top left of your screen? That's your HP, they run out, you die.. but don't worry too much if this happens, you wont loose any stats, gold or items, but it will teleport you in front of a small house at the entrance of the Main World. Anyways, to reduce your chances of dying, you would need to get some rings, silver rings will improve your HP by +15 each, golden rings will improve +30 each, so your new goal is to get 2 golden rings equipped on your paperdoll, lets get them.

First thing to do is change your class, well, get one as you're just a Peasant (look on your paperdoll and check your class). Walk all the way up from where you arrived until you see a town... you will know cause you will see brick houses and stoned roads.. welcome to Aeven!, Endless Online's main town... you will be hanging here a lot. Continue walking north (up arrow) until you get to the Town Square... that's where the statue is... try to find the Wiseman, hes moving around somewhere close. Click on him and choose class, then choose warrior.

Head to the west (press left key) and start your trip all the way to a place called Sky Wonder.. a cloud based area where foxes spawn.. yes, that's your target now, kill foxes ()as they drop the rings you need.

If you die, you will be back in Start (on the map), also you can try to buy them for 50g from people on the foxes area.. kill some of the goats you will find on the way to get gold.

Chapter 3: Getting Experience: Questing

You will probably be wondering.. "When I start getting the cool stuff?" well... you cant, your level is still too low to fight monsters that drop items.. you need Experience.
You get experience normally by training, but you have also another option, doing quests. Right now there are 2 quest that suits you perfecly, Maze Quest and Ayla's Quest, ill recommend you to start with the Maze Quest, as you wont have to fight any monsters, it only takes some laboratory rat's skills to complete.

Look at the map showed before.. look closer, there's a castle at the center, can you see it? Thats Wilndar Castle, find it and enter it. The guards wont harm you but be careful with the Kings and the Princess, don't worry just don't get too close to them.

From the throne room walk to the right, you will be in a corridor, meet here the Maze Master, click on him and accept to do the Maze quest.. he will warn you its hard.. so do I.. it IS hard, so I let you decide... you could not take the risk and just go kill goats but it will take hours to get the same exp.. the reward is worth it, 3500 Exp! yep.. that's like killing 437 goats... you choice, but if you accept the challenge, Ill help you: I already made a Maze guide, click here to open it, you can be brave and do it by yourself too, but using the guide will allow you to complete it in less than an hour. When you're done with the maze click on Maze Master again.. he will reward you and you'll probably level up or close. Dont forget to place the St.pts into Str. as I showed you before.

Now, second quest, Ayla's quest.. go back to the main town Aeven and walk to the East side of it, you will see a Gray/Black House, no confusion, its the only house of this colors around. Enter it. You will see a witch with her big cauldron, you can do some money by selling her some items like any extra goat horns you got, but that's not important right now. Meet Ayla, the witch's assistant, click on her and she will request for your help. She will first tell you to kill 20 rats, you can kill rats anywhere not just here at the witch house, so get out and walk to the lower right side of the town (press the down key all the way down, then the right key all the way right), you will see a road, follow it to Aeven's port... lots of rats here, collect the rat tails that they drop.

When you're done with the rats return with Ayla in the gray house, she will now request you to kill some sheeps... go back where you started (look map) and do it. When you're done with the 20 sheeps return to Ayla again... your last task is to get a Potion of Terror, its price is 40g so sell the rat tails to the witch, if you don't have enough you will have to go killing goats, collect the gold and goat horns they drop, sell goat horns to the witch. To find goats exit the witch house and walk to your right, you will find a dirt track, follow it... look for the map below:

Once you've enough money (40g) your ready for your journey. Exit the witch house and walk to the right side of Aeven, you'll be close to a dirt track, follow it... use the map above for reference, you need to get to Estaq Stronghold, its a small town to the East with a bridge on its entrance, get to it.

Now that you're in Estaq find Hitaru's potion shop.. there are only 4 houses in here so its not hard, look for the house upper right most, and go to its 2nd floor. Hitaru looks like a monster but he's friendly, click on him and buy a Potion of Terror. Go back your steps to the witch house, give the potion to Ayla.

Chapter 4: Magic Spells

As may you already know, some items improve your stats, just like rings improved your HP and peasant your armor. Your goal now is to get 2 points in Int. and 2 points in Wis. to learn a spell, for now don't worry about the points in Wis. and concentrate on the Int. points.

You have 2 options to get those 2 in Int, either go training and level up to get 3 new st.pts, so you can place 2 in Int. and 1 in Str. (still dont worry about Wis.), or try to get some money to get this items:

Soccery Armor
You can buy this item from players, ask first for its price. It comes in both male and female version, and will give you 1 Int. point and 1 Wis. Point.

Skull Belt
This item will let you use tons of magic, its 1000 gold but worth them, buy it from the Jewelry in Aeven main town (The house located at the south east part of the town). It will give you 1 Int. point and 1 Wis. point.

Dark Endure
This one is expensive, but will give you 2 Int. points and 2 Wis. points.

I recommend you to try to get the Skull belt and the Soccery, at least just the Skull belt, train to level up and place the point you need on Int. if you cant get both, keep in mind that every you don't place on Str, are points that wont raise your strenght.

To make some money and train at the same time, kill this monsters that you already saw on your journeys to both Sky Wonder and Estaq Stronghold, Go go for them! Collect all the gold you can so you can afford the items from above. Also you will need to save 600 gold for the spells.

Monster: Experience it gives: Comments:
Mushrooms 14 They drop gold and mushrooms, you can sell mushrooms to people at a good price (70g or more) if you're a good merchant, if not you can sell them to the witch for 40 gold.
Goat 8 Weak monster meaning you can kill more faster, tho they only give 8 Exp.. anyways they drop gold and goat horns that can be sold at witch for 18 gold each.
Blob Slime 7 Also weak but stronger than sheeps, they drop boots but don't expect to sell them, they also drop blob slimes you can sell to the people (50g or more) if you're a good merchant. If not, you can sell them to the witch for 15 gold.

Once you get the 2 points in Int. and at least extra 100 gold on your pocket, go find the Wiseman at the town center, click on him and choose Class, then click on Magician... this will give you 2 free Wis. points.

Its time now to find the Aeven Skill Master, browse all Aeven's houses until you find him (try to remember or write down what each house you browse is, for future reference):

Aeven Skill Master



When you find the Master click on him and select Small Heal, he will take the 100 gold as a fee after he checks you have the requirements. You can now heal yourself by pressing F1 key. *game bug here* probably you wont be able to type now.. it happens, you can fix it by logging off and on again or by clicking again on Aeven Skill Master and choosing to learn any other magic, and then canceling.

Your last mission in this chapter is to learn Small Fire (you will need to remain as a magician (class), have 500 gold, 2 points on Int., and 2 points on Wis.), prepare for a long trip to a village called Anundo... also know as the Japan Town.

To get there follow this guide (click here).

Once on Anundo, look for the Anundo Skill Master, he's on the house next to the town entrance, to the left. Click on him and choose Learn, then click on Small Fire.

Here is a Tip, click on the Spells button, you can drag the spells you learn to the different boxes to assign them to the corresponding F1, F2, F3... F8 keyboard keys. 


To use your new spell press Small Fire's corresponding "F key", then click over the monster you wish to fire.

Go back to Aeven (to die is the fastest way), look again for the Wiseman and change your class back to Warrior.

Chapter 5: Crafting

There are several places to craft items, the closest to you is the Witch house, some others are Marbles Temple, with Rauchel on Ancient City, and Ice Bob on Ice mountain. For a list of all the items you can craft, click here (Endlessreport). Your goal in this chapter is to craft some items.

Its your choice what to craft, but ill recommend you to start with an Ice Blade ()... it takes some time but its easy, you can then keep it, use it to craft an Ultima blade () later (wich has very good stats) or you can sell it to boot your finances. You can sell extra meats you get to the people too.

Tip: If you're interested in trading, never drop your items to the ground, instead, right click on who you're interested to exchange goods and click Trade.

Go to the ice mountain, its entrance is at the top right corner of Aeven, then use the set of stairs up the mountain. You will see some penguins, kill them and collect the meats they drop... you need 60 meats, they also drop katanas; Light katanas do more damage but Dark katanas have more accuracy.

Tip: You can go back to Aeven and find the bank, use the Safe boxes there to store your items when you're too heavy, the limit of the items you can carry is limitated. You can access all your items from any safe box on any town.

Once you're done with the 60 meats leave the ice mountain and back to Aeven, you will need a small sword as ingredient to craft the ice blade too... Do you remember the swamp where the railroad track is? From it walk to the right until you find the crypt.

Enter the crypt and you will see mummies, kill them to get a small sword, they also drop bandages, they are used to craft some other items so get at least 3 of them.


Lets also get some Wingo claws as where are in the area, they are also used to craft many items, so get out of the crypt and walk to the right, to the next map, that's the Wingo's area (Wolves), get at least 2 wingo claws.

Return to Aeven (dying is faster) and go to the Witch house, click on the Witch and choose craft, click on Iron Gloves (you will need to have 100 gold too). Once you get the globes, wear them.

Return to the Ice mountain, bring the 60 meats, the small sword and 250 gold with you. Walk to the north and try to find the house where Ice Bob lives. Click on him and choose to craft an Ice Blade.

See if you can craft an Ultima Sword by your own, you do this on the Witch house, you will need to get the ingredients tho.

Crafting things and sell them is probably the best way to get some money at this point, keep looking what you can craft and sell, craft a good armor for yourself or make some money to buy one.

Here is a list of armors with their stats:


Chapter 6: Exploring

Getting to know all Endless Online its not hard, you will become used fast, thought, you will find where to get the items, bosses and warps with the time. The goal in this chapter is to get you prepared with general items and tricks you will be using.

First of all find the grocery shop in Aeven, enter it and click on the Grocery Bob, buy some Scroll of Guilds (18 gold) from him. Double Clicking on a Scrolls of Guilds on your inventory will make you warp back to Aeven to the Guild House from almost any location you are, so don't be afraid of exploring, you're a double click away from home.

Now look the map and locate Halowdale, get there and find the grocery, inside, buy a pair of Elf Braclets and wear them. Now locate the Armory, its to the west side of Halowdale, inside buy arrows from the smith and wear them.

Close to Halowdale are the dungeons, on this area you will see some giant ants, kill them and collect the legs. You can either use them to craft items at Marbles Temple or sell.. you can make a good profit selling Ant legs.

Entering the Dungeon Stairs you can seek for the Octo, a giant Octopus that drops bows, some clothes and gold... he is hard to beat with all those tentacles protecting him.

Return to Aeven and walk to the lower right side of the town, follow the path on the right to the port (yes, where you killed the rats). Keep walking to the right in an straight line, you will see some boats and the end of the path, pass them and keep walking to the right like if you want to jump into the water.. you will be then in the desert. Now walk up to a white house there, get inside and buy some red potions (that will recover your HP), blue potions (that will recover your TP, this is the amount of magical power you have) or green potions (that will recover both your HP and TP).

The next area to explore is Centaur Village, locate it on the map and get there. You will see all arround the town giant Horsemens, kill some until you get 2 Leather Bracers, wear them.

South from this village you will see the mushrooms, then walking to the right will lead you to the lake. There are snails all around the lake, blue ones drop ties, another valuable item for crafting or selling.

Now back to the map again find Estaq Stronghold, walk there... in the middle of this place the barbarians spawn... they drop scrolls to warp to different areas, try to get some scrolls.

Exit Stronghold crossing the bridge and walk to the left, from here, you can walk up using 2 different paths, one will take you to hell where you can find Apozen (hell warp is inside a church to the far north), the hardest boss on Endless Online, he also rarely drops good extraordinary items like a Knob staff, that is, if you can get to his lair and kill him. Second path to the north will take you again to the Death Cave, somewhere in this cave the Reaper hides, he drops Ancient Swords, shoes, dragon blades, bows and Crossbows.

Keep exploring, find out some secret warps on the secrets section.

Chapter 7: Interacting with people, making friends, joining a Guild

Friends are important, they are helpful when going hunting, supporting each other, or just hanging around. The best way to enter a guild is by making some friends first. You can then ask them what their guild is about, and if they recommend you to enter it. Some guilds ask for a fee of 1000 gold to enter, others ask you to be a certain level, again, ask all the details about their guilds to your friends. You can know when someone is on a guild and in witch one by the 2 or 3 letters tag next to their names when you hover the mouse over them.

To join a guild you will need to contact a guild leader or a recruiter, ask your friends for reference. After the recruiter/leader agrees to get you joined, meet him/her in any guild house.

Every guild has their own chat room, its only accessible to their members. Once you are into one, click on the Chat button, and then on the grp tab.

To talk into your guild's chat room use the & (and) symbol before every sentence.

Right clicking on someone will make a menu to pop up. Here you can choose from:

Paperdoll - Will let you peek what items the player has equipped, also other info like guild name, whos his/her partner, class, etc.

Book - Will show you the quest completed by that player.

Join - Will ask the player to join his/her current party, being in a party lets you share monster kills with with your friends (most monsters can be killed only by the one who hitted the monster first, and his party members), as well as the experience they give. It also lets you talk with the player in a private way by typing ' (Apostrophe) before each sentence.

Invite - Its the same as join, but instead of getting you into an already formed party, will request other people join yours.

Trade - will open a trade window, its the most secure way of trading goods. On the window drag your items to the right panel, watch the items of who you're trading with on the left. If the offer is good, accept. You should agree in the goods you're trading before opening a trade window, so there will be no surprises. Also be careful when trading, always keep an eye on the offer specially if its gold. Watch out if the amount is the correct and for it not to change on the last moment.

Tip: Its safer that the one giving the gold accepts the trade first.

Whisper - its the same as entering the command !<nickname>, this will let you send Private Messages (PMs) to people and friends, it doesn't matter if they are next to you or where ever in the game. Click on the chat button before doing this, a tab with the nickname of the person will open when he/she replies. When you click on this Tab, typing ! (Exclamation mark) before your sentence is enough (not need to keep typing !<nickname>).

Friend - Will add that person to your friend list. Then on the list you can later watch who's online and message them faster. Open the Friend list by clicking on the small person icon with a check mark at the right side of the panel

Ignore - This is another list, but for people that could be mean or annoying, This will block everything they say to you.

Last symbol to learn is ~ (tilde), used to write in the public chat. Click on the chat button and choose the gbl tab, this is called the global, is a public channel where everyone can type but due to the large amount of people, its limitated to a few posts per minute. Use it to sell goods, know friends or to chat.

Well, that's all for now, there are many activities you can do in Endless Online, the most common ones are to train and to get gold. Look all over the world to find the monsters that best fit your training, you will also get the most exp possible from an area in a 3 players party if you split over the same map.
Gold is a little harder to get, marching and guessing how prices will vary are probably the best ways. Also if you become strong enough go try to get higly value drops from leaders.

Read this website, it contains good information about items, monsters, equipment  and the rest of the quests you should realize.

And take a look to the rest of this site, read the FAQs, Info and Secrets sections.

Play fairly and enjoy.

By Dhex





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