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EO Secrets: Void

There are 2 ways to go to he void, with a scroll, or from the sewer:

Find the entrance to sewer near the penguins entrance. Once you are in the sewer walk
D L D L DL D R U L D L U L to the chamber with the crosses on it. Then find the a way to
the wall below got all to the right. There's a fake wall in the wall below.


This is void's map, red lines show the way to the void beach, dotted read lines show warps (non walkable),
green line indicates the detour to then fire void.

To go to the void, first get a void script, then walk following this directions:

Walk 12 steps up, be careful. Your will see your screen blink, you just warped...
walk all the way down until you cant go down any more
walk all the way to your right until you cant walk any more
from here choose where you want to go:

Go to the Fire Void:

walk left 1 step (or, same thing, go back one step)
walk all the way down until u cant go down any more
walk 4 steps to your left
find the way walkin down

soon you will teleport.

Go to the beach void:

walk up 1 step
walk all the way left
walk down one step
walk down 2 steps, and right 2 steps
walk right 2 step, and up 2 steps
walk up 2 steps, and left 2 steps
walk left 2 steps, and down 2 steps

you will teleport and get to the beach void.

**You can teleport to PUB's baseman by finding a way to the left on the beach (use your map), and then using the blue square with the 0101011 that is up. Once you teleport walk:
3 steps up, 2 steps right
1 step left and one step down.





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