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Rare Items and Collectibles

This section contains discontinued items no longer available anywhere on the game, except from another player, this are the rare and collectible items..

Picture Name Description

Blue Star General Managers dropped them at the beach for an event, there are at least 158 in existance.

Train Ticket This item was intended for a train that was never introduced in the game, tho, some people still have the tickets as a memorabilia  for the ride they never got.

Rapier This weapon was dropped by wraiths until version 0.26 when the haunted house was enlarged and game designers missed to re-assign the drop to the ghosts.

Silver Key This key opened a locked door at a house in Centaur (where now the Inn is located). Inside there was a dog called Remi and a chest that spawned 2000 - 4000 gold.

Useless Bag Useless bags are supposed to turn into a Christmas Hats every December and then back to a useless bag the next January, tho, since December 2006, they never came back to normal.

Oblon Same as Rapier, this item was dropped by wraiths before the haunted house was enlarged.

Turtle Costume This item is given by General Managers to the male winners on the events they organize. It is lore.

Panda Costume This item is given by General Managers to the female winners on the events they organize. It is lore.

Devil Costume The devil costume was intended to be an armor exclusive for General Managers at first, but after a mistake on the database done by one of them, every Tux on the game turned into a devil costume at the time of the error, making every lucky tux owner at that time to get the costume. General Managers then made it lore after a while.

Baru Barus where dropped by a monster called 'doll' on an event at the Ice Mountain on Christmas (Dec 25-26) of  2006, and never became available again. Rumors say they will be on a future version but for now, there are only few in existence.

Baruta Same as Barus, this armor was dropped by doll on the Christmas 2006 event at Ice Mountain and was never available again. Rumors say they will be on a future version.

Cheff Hat There is only one of this in possession of players, Clusterbomb and Purehotness share it. A rumor say that when the game creator dropped it for a General Manager, Clusterbomb took it.

Admin Scroll Given rarely by General Managers. Warps you to the Administrator Room.

Art Scroll Given by General Managers for accessing the stage at the theater.

Event Scroll Given by General Managers, they warp you to the event area.

Reward Scroll Given by General Managers as a reward. It gives you 50 experience when used.

Shopkeeper scroll #1 & #2 Given by General Managers to set up a business. They let you scroll behind the bank and behind the Aevenīs weapon shop counter.

Orc Skull Dropped by Orcs on previous versions but not anymore.




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