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Quest Guide

Ayla's Witch Quest

1. Talk to Ayla at witch's place
2. Kill 20 rats, talk to ayla again
3. Kill 20 sheep talk to ayla again
4. Buy a terror pot from Illusion Master (Hitaru) in Estaq Stronghold.
5. Bring it to ayla

- Giving Terror potion will give you 500 exp, and rarely a burk or school uniform.
- Bringing a Love potion will get you 300 exp.
This quest is repeatable.


Maze Quest

1. Go to the castle to the right side, click on the Maze Master
   there, he will take you in.
2. Use your skills to complete the maze or follow
this maze guide.
3. Once you are out, talk to the Maze Master again to get

Reward: 3500 Exp.

A Guard's Life

1. Talk to the guard at the swamp.
2. Kill 20 spiders (make sure to collect the legs), talk to guard again.
3. Bring the guard 10 spider legs.

4. Go to the castle and talk to the Elite Captain
    (Green guard in the arena area) to get your reward.

Reward: 450 Exp and 400g.
This quest is repeatable.


Skywonder Rescue

1. Talk to Jessica at Sky Wonder house.
2. Talk to Wolfman captain, he is to the right of wolfmens area near birdmen's

3. Get 10 bird feathers and take them to the Wolfman captain.
4. Go back to sky wonder talk to Jessica again.
5. kill 40 foxes, then talk with Jessica for your reward.

Reward: 500 Exp.
This quest is repeatable.

Pjedro's Son Quest

1. Talk to pjedro in building behind the weapons shop, next to Aeven's INN.
2. Find Pjedro's wife, she is somewhere outside Pjedro's house in Malone Outlet.
3. Talk to Pjedro again
4. Go to Anundo to find his Aunt called Nina.
5. Go to the swamp (next to death cave and railroad track) and talk to the
    castle guard.
6. Walk or Scroll to the Castle and find Elite Guard Captain (The green one in the
    first arena)
7. Go back to the swamp and talk to the guard again.
8. Guard will tell you to find the book in Haunted house, its on the 4rth floor,
    stand in front of it to get a scroll.
9. Go back to Alya, she will ask you if you want to use the scroll, say yes and
    you will be transported to forest maze.
10. In the maze you got to find the Birdmen's fortress, its walking:
      (you can find a graph in our
secrets section).
11. Look for Pjedro's son on the birdmen fortress and talk to him,
      you will then be back at Pjedro's house, talk him for your

Reward: 4000 Exp.

Factory Panic

1. Talk to the co-worker at factory, he will tell you to find the generators in order.
2. Shut down the top right generator by standing on the blue tile.

3. Then find the bottom left generator's blue tile.
4. Walk to the top left generator tile.
5. Find the bottom right generator and stand on it.
6. Talk to the Co-Worker again, we will unlock the gate.
7. Go to the Top Right next to the first generator you found down and enter the
    gate next to it.
8. Find the stairs and walk all the way down until you arrive to a big room, look
    for the last generator there, stand on it.
9. Go back and talk with the co-worker to get your reward.

Reward: 340 Exp.
This quest is repeatable.

Pirate Quest

1. Talk to Old Pirate in docks.
2. Bring to the Old Pirate at least 20 Fairy Sodas (he will take them all).
3. Old Pirate will give you a Treasure Map, find then the Pirate Captain standing
    on the ship in the docks next to desert entrance.
4. Tell Pirate captain: "I got old map", "I stole from king", "aye captain"
5. Once on Sea, go into Boats Cabin and talk to pirate captain again, he will ask
    you to kill 50 Imperial Guards.
7. Once you killed them, Talk to the captain again, he will take you to Vulture
    Island where pyramids are (From this point, every time you die, you will come
    here directly to Vulture Island by talking to pirate captain on docks).
8. Enter the first pyramid (larger one), it will drain your hp every 4 seconds, will
    stop once you have 1 hp, get pots and keep healing.
9. Walk all the way up to the "Middle Chamber", where you can take left or right.
10. Go to the left to find an arqueologist, talk to him.
11. The arqueologist will ask you to find his book, get back to the "middle
      chamber" (its faster and cheaper to die and take the ship back to the island,
      "middle chamber" is closer to pyramid's start)
12. Take now the right path, its a small maze, directions are:
13. Continue walking and you'll see a raised platform with stairs called Altar,
     remember how you got here and continue.

14. When you find a big chamber, you'll probably see some Wurm Kings and
     mermaids, ignore them and just go bottom left side of the room to find the
15. Stand on book and go back to speak with arqueologist (tip: die and take the
     shit back to entrance again).
16. Arqueologist Doctor will now tell you to find altar, its the once you saw when
     you was looking for the book (die and tale the ship to pyramid again).
17. Remember the way back to the altar and stand in front of it (altar's front
     spikes wont hurt you, stand there).
18. And again go back to the Arqueologist, he will tell you that the other pyramid
     (smaller one) is now open.
19. Get out of the pyramid (or die and go back to island) and find the second
     pyramid behind the first one.
20. Enter it, this is another small maze, directions are: LEFT UP UP DOWN.
21. You will now see a chest, just touch it and you will get an Aztec Crown
      (Its Lore, non wearable).
22. Trade the Aztec crown to Pirate or to the Arqueologist. (Warning: If you are
     trying to find the Arqueologist don't die, once you got the Aztec Crown you
     will never be able to come back to Vulture Island again.)

- Pirate Captain will trade you Aztec Crown for 1200g and 4000 Exp.
- Arqueologist will trade you Aztec Crown for 6000 exp.


Truth Quest

1. Talk to Serf, he is hided in the middle of new swamp, find the stairs.
2. Kill 25 Swamp Monsters and talk to Serf again.
3. Serf will tell you to find his brother Gullio, who is hiding with the skeletons.
4. Talk with Guilio and then return to Serf.
5. Serf will ask you for some ingredients, its a good idea to bring them all at the
    same time so you wont have to walk to swamp each time he requests
    another, Serf will ask you to bring:
    - 10 Herbs
    - 10 Mushrooms
    - 14 Blob Slimes (but he only takes 10)
6. Go back to Serf and give him all the ingredients he asks for.
7. Go talk with Alya on the witch house to finish the cure potion.
8. Find Apozens book, the he Book is located in Estaq
    Stronghold, in Hitaru Potion Shop. Step in front of this
9. Return to Ayla and talk with hell.. she will ask you to go
    to Apozen Lair.
10. Go to Hell and complete it, you may probably find our
Hell map handy. In the last big chamber (Apozen's Lair),
      walk to the left and find the book, stand in front of it.
11. Go back to Ayla and talk with her, she will request 5 Ancient scrolls.
12. Get 5 Ancient scrolls and talk to Alya again.
13. Alya will only take 4 Ancient scrolls, use the remaining one to warp yourself
      to Ancient city.
14. You will need to look for the sacred place in Ancient, find it from the
      sculpture of the claw and the ball, one map to the right, and one map up.

18. Click on Ayla in the sacred place to perform the ritual. The screen will shake
      for about 15 seconds.
19. Go see Serf in the Swamp for your reward.

- 5500 experience
- For a knob staff and 10 orbs of light Serf will craft you a lens of truth.

PeriPeri Quest (Mole quest)
1. Get inside PeriPeri's house located to the east of the Goat Farm.
    Talk with him.
2. Kill 50 moles.
3. Talk to PeriPeri again.

- 2000 experience
This quest is repeatable.


Susan's Quest

1. Talk to Susan, she's somewhere inside the Swamp Temple.
2. Kill 60 Tembas
3. Talk to Susan again for your reward.

- 2500 experience
This quest is repeatable.


Ancient Wraith
1. Talk to the ancient wraith, he's on Haunted House's 6th floor on his own room.
2. Kill Reaper and talk to the ancient wraith again.
3. Kill Ninja Leader at Anundo and then talk to the ancient wraith again.
4. Kill the octopus, then, talk to the ancient wraith again.
5. Kill Apozen and talk to the ancient wraith.
6. Get 100 piggies, 100 snake teeth, 100 Tembas bags, 100 imp stings, 100 wurm heads
    and 10 dragon wings (you can keep the dragon wings after the quest).
7. Talk to the ancient wraith again and give him all the ingredients.
8. Kill 500 players at the PK zone (on jail area). -Tip, due to a glitch, for now, you can
    use 500 small potions instead).
9. Talk to the ancient wraith for the last time for your request.


- 10000 experience
- Ancient Wraith Key
Ancient Wraith Key allows you to get inside the ancient wraiths' chamber, where you can get
Scav bow drops.


Monkey Island
1. Talk to a young pirate, he is over a ship at the south part of Aeven's Port.
2. Now talk to the Pirate Captain to take his test
3. Fight 3 drunken pirates and talk again to the Pirate Captan.
4. Now Pirate Captain will let you choose which test to take:

A. Find Atlantis' Secret:
  • Find Atlantis at the Death Cave
  • On the flooded area look for the house on the lower right corner
  • Inside the house walk to the right, then Up until the next entrance
    and then all the way left. Walk Up and youll see an entrance on the top wall.
  • On the next section walk down till you cant go on because of a wall, then
    walk left towards the left wall, then keep walking down ultil you find a book
    in its holder. Stand in front of the book.

B. Kill Octo

  • Get into the Octo lair at the dungeon and get one Octo kill.

5. Go back to talk to the Pirate Captain
6. Kill 20 Rats
7. Talk to the Pirate Captain, he will ask you to talk to the Young Pirate
8. Talk to the Youg Pirate again, he will give you a Quiz, answer the right questions or
    you will have to do it all over again. The answers are:

  • Flag Name: Jolly Roger
  • Treasure Share: Double Share
  • Captain's Cabin: Always Open

9. Now you should be able to travel to the Monkey Island, in here look for a small cottage at
    the top right side of the island, enter it.
10. Talk with the Lost Pirate inside of it, he will tell you to bring him 10 fishes.
11. Go back to Atlantis and kill fishes until you collect 10 fish drops.
12. Go back again to the Monkey Island and give the fishes to the Lost Pirate, he will tell
      you a riddle:

"Stand right on the unique pair that carried the roof of the temple..."
(Its the pair of pillars pair that is north from the "7" shaped brick road)
"...15 steps east from this spot...12 steps south..."
(walk 15 steps to the east, then 12 steps down)
"...then twice as much at the west..."
(walk 24 steps to the left)
"...walk 24 steps in a direction other than were you came from..."
(walk 24 steps up)
"...walk 14 steps to the west..."
(walk 14 steps left)

X was drawed over the picture and its
not shown in game.

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