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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I get to ... ?

A: Ask people for references how to get there, use then our map here, mayor references are listed there. You cant get to Ancient by walking, you would need to get a scroll.

2. How do i get to Japan Town/Anundo?

A: Follow this guide by clicking here.

3. How can I get gold?

A: Getting gold is probably the most difficult thing to do in EO, of course you can get it dropped by monsters or from chests, but on small amounts, best way of making a lot is by merchanting, this is, always keeping an eye on global and to buy low and sell high. If you train enough then you can also become competitive to fight for monsters drops like gold, high priced armors and weapons. Another way is guessing... get items you think that may go up in price, (discontinued, improved in a later version, etc) then store and wait.

4. How I get <item name>?

A: there are many guides around of items prices and locations, our favorite one is in

5. How can I get <spell>?

A: Basic spells like Small Thunder and Small Fire can be found in Anundo from the ninja called Anundo Master, larger ones on the new swamp, find the panda called Padu... you will need to become a magician to learn them. Small heal can be found in Aeven, learn it from Aeven Master, no class is required. Healing magics can also be learned from Aeven Master, Anundo Master, and Padu in swamp, you will need to be a Priest.

6. How can I play notes on my Harp/Guitar?

A: You need a "spell" called Bard, Get it on Halowdale. After getting it, check to witch key its assigned on the spells menu. Equip your instrument and press the key associated with bard (F1~F8), you will get a little pop up window with all the notes, click on them to play.

7. How I change my class?

A: Look for an NPC (Non player Character) called Wiseman, he is in Aeven's town square.

8. How I become Priest, Magician, Archer, etc?

A: Read question 6.

9. How can I get more stats?

A: Every time you level you get 3 St.Pts... This points can be placed at your choice into Str, Int, Wis, Agi, Con and Cha by clicking the arrows next to them, on your stats panel. Items can also improve your stats, for a guide of how each will help visit

If you misplaced a St.Pt, you can reset your stats, and get back all your St.Pts by visiting any Skill master, removing everything from your Paperdoll and choosing "Reset your Character", don't worry you wont loose you character, money or items, but your spells will be gone, you will then have to reallocate points into str, Int, Wis, etc and learn spells again.

10. I Clicked on Str/Int/Wis/etc by accident, how I undo it?

A: You cant undo but you can reset your character, read question 8 to do so.

11. I dont like the way I enter my password, how can I type it?

A: Find on your Hard drive the Endless Online folder where you installed the game, lookup for the folder config and open the file setup.ini ... scroll down the text ultil you find this:

# optional to disable the anti-keylog softpad login system.
# skipping this option could make you vulnerable to keyloggers.


Then, change it to:


12. How do I get a job?

A: There are currently no jobs on EO, Endless in an unfinished game so they will come in a later version.

13. What are passive skills?

A: Same as Jobs, passive skills aren't introduced yet, they may be available in future version.

14. How can I play test server?

A: First close the game if its open, then click on your Start Menu > All Programs > Endless Online > Setup Endless Online.
On the first tab (Connection) you will see a field Server Host/ip change its value to:

And press Save Button. You will need to create a new account for test server as both servers doesn't share information.

To set it up for main server again, follow the same steps but make the Server Host/ip:







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