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EO Secrets: Dream World

Locate the house in Aeven with 2 doors, enter it. Inside you will see 2 beds, sit on any of them and wait around 15 seconds.


You will warp to Dream World, walk some steps and you'll find a place with bats and darker squares, don't stand on darker squares.

Walk some more and you'll find a door, enter it, inside there's a small maze, find the route to the starts.

Once youre out again, skip one entrance around the corner to the next one, theres a even smaller maze but here you can choose the route.. either go to the Warloc/Crescent chest or to the Bogomens.



Orange line shows the way to the Warloc Chest, Blue line to the Bogomens.









Walroc/Crescent Chest

Outside again go to the next door for the last little maze, take the route 1 on the picture, you will be outside yet again.


After that take the next door and you will be inside the same little maze, take the route number 2 now on the picture. 

You will then find the last door, enter it to see the chest behind and around the wall.


A Warloc Sword or a Crescent Staff spawns about every hour in the middle chest.



After taking the right stairs you'll be in Dream Castle's yard, find a fake wall to the left by using the map.

Use the stairs on the upper left corners to warp up.

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