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How to get to Anundo (a.k.a Japan Town) Guide


Starting from Aeven (the main town) go to the east side of the town. At this side there's a stoned track that leads you to the port, and a dirt track, take the dirt track.

Keep Walking to the right (pressing the right arrow), when the right path ends, go up until you can walk to the right again (so walk right, up, right up). Use the map above for reference.

You will arrive then to an area with a darker grass.. the road has also ended, walk to the left a few steps and you'll see a railroad track.. you're on the swamp. Follow the railroad track all the way up, it leads you to the Death Cave.

From the entrance choose the path to your right where you see the first torch.

Keep walking on that path until you see a second torch, from here take the one on the right that leads up.

Passing the third torch you will also see a pond, keep walking up.

Fourth torch is next to a entrance, enter it.

At the other side of the entrance, there's the 5th torch, from here walk to the left.

When you get to the 6th torch, got back a few steps, walk the path going up that you just passed.

You will then find many paths to choose, take the one on the right.

You will then see the 7th and last torch next to a entrance, enter it. You will now be at Carnivor's Forest.

Walk to the top right side of the map you are on, follow the dirt track to the next section of the carnivor's forest.

Now you will be in a big area, getting to Anundo is kind of a puzzle, get to the lower right corner of the current map (you will have to go round the river) you will see a road leading down, don't follow it. PD: be careful with the carnivors.

From the corner of the map walk to the left.. you will see the border of the river and a big tree with some stairs at its sides.



Enter the stair case to the left of the tree (the one semi covered by it).


You will then warp to a set of stairs hided between some trees, just press up to go to the ones at the top.


Now, warped on a small island in the middle of a river, take the stair on the right.

That's it, face north to a small portion of dirt, its the start of the dirt track that leads you to Anundo (a.k.a. Japan Town), just follow it.


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