2013: new year, old eo is back
Posted on 15 Jan 2013 by Dhex

Sup all. After about all december trying to check if any special events for the hollidays with no connection luck, server is back online and working nicely on jan 2013. I forgot to blog that the current port is the old default 8078. There havent being any changes for a while since those annoying level restrictions, map order move arrounds and unaccessible areas.

With some maps gone, some items have become discontinued/rares. Ill list some below:
*Phoenix sky city
- fans
*Ork fort/cave
- Ork ears
- Choppers
- Hand Cuffs
*Dream world
*Sky Wonder

So yah, thats all for now.. sorry for not blogging since im a lazy blogger and also being busy with work.. and also with a proyect ill let you to know in sometime when i get some problems sorted.

Orcface said:

You can still get orc ears, but you have to be level 36 to get inside the Woods of "Despare"
07 Feb 2013