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.: 9 Aug '13 Endless Online Classic has been Relaunched!
Endless Online Classic has been relaunched under the name EO2!Simply set your v28 EO clien...

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.: 9 Aug '13 Endless Online Classic has been Relaunched!
Endless Online Classic has been relaunched under the name EO2!Simply set your v28 EO clien...




27 Feb 2013
Monkey Island Quest


Just to note this somewhere so I wont forget, monkey island quest gives 1600g as reward plus a pirate hat, and once you speak back with pirate captain it gives 10080 exp!, not bad. Also it is now kinda mixed up with the Vulture Island Quest (the start of it), and no more need to get all those fishes in atlantida, all you need to do is kill some turtles and collect meats nearby. Ill update quests some time. Cheers all.

by Dhex

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15 Jan 2013
2013: new year, old eo is back


Sup all. After about all december trying to check if any special events for the hollidays with no connection luck, server is back online and working nicely on jan 2013. I forgot to blog that the current port is the old default 8078. There havent being any changes for a while since those annoying level restrictions, map order move arrounds and unaccessible areas.

With some maps gone, some items have become discontinued/rares. Ill list some below:
*Phoenix sky city
- fans
*Ork fort/cave
- Ork ears
- Choppers
- Hand Cuffs
*Dream world
*Sky Wonder

So yah, thats all for now.. sorry for not blogging since im a lazy blogger and also being busy with work.. and also with a proyect ill let you to know in sometime when i get some problems sorted.

by Dhex

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31 Jul 2011
EO Back online, Semi-Wipe? (port 8079)


blog imageToday on you can read

"New quests been added in the Aeven town area. The new quests will be covering a complete leveling path up to level 10, for the new players. "

Weirdly, on the log in screen, all my characters where already created, and wearing the stuff as I left them the last time, but being lvl 0!
After logging in, I was in the tutorial island, with nothing more than 5000 gold in my pocket, 2 herbs, and the stuff i had last loaded on my paper doll.

After killing a pig, I jumped to lvl 4, altho my last level was 8. My quests aren't done either, but should be pretty simple when starting with a lvl 4, all the golden rings, elf braclets and a ultima sword.

So the logging in annoyance is gone and the database.. semi-wiped? or maybe it was just a glitch, cant tell for sure right now.

Either way im on my way to Aeven to check the new quests. User count atm: 90.

Edit: It seems that scrolls are not working on the main map (where the piggies are) on tutorial island. When trying to use one there, they just dissapear. It works fine if you move to another map on tutorial island tho.

by Dhex

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Major Known Game Bugs and Issues

  • Speed hacks: This issue is very old, program trainers modify the client's memory values to escape the system speed-up checks giving cheaters the chance to move faster than usual. Neither game developers or us approve the use of these programs, anyways most of them key log your system and may become a gate for someone to steal your account.


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